Lila Bronwen, Staff Receptionist (retired)

Lila has left us after a long, long and happy life. This page is left as a memorial to her

A key member of the staff is our receptionist, Lila Bronwen. She joined the organization after a short apprenticeship where she learned the basics of her future profession. We feel that she has matured into a valuable and irreplaceable member of the team.

We think it is important to value every member of the company so Lila will tell you something about her background in her own voice.

I want to thank Nancy for this opportunity to introduce myself to wider audience. I hope to make the acquaintance of many of you. Please feel free to drop me a note.

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All in all, I'm very happy I joined Nancy Carlin Associates. I know Nancy values me as a key member of her staff. My duties have expanded from initially just being a receptionist to being much more of a key member of the organization:

When I first applied for the job as the receptionist, I was, of course, interested in what I would get paid as well if I would get any sort of hiring bonus. Even though my starting salary was modest, the hiring bonus was reasonable in light of my lack of experience.

Naturally enough, I had to work hard at learning my duties. I soon realized that being a receptionist meant that I needed to project a sunny and welcoming attitude with a pleasant smile.

I found that not everyone I come in contact with is happy to see me. Maybe they have issues of their own or are just having a bad day. So I learned that sometimes I have to work hard at winning people over. I found that a non-confronatational approach worked the best.

There are a lot of old sayings that really do apply even though they seem trite and hackneyed at first glance. One example that I learned the hard way was that the old saw about not biting the hand the feeds you applied to me as well.

Do you ever have the feeling that a job can be like a cage and you just need some time not being trapped by it? I certainly did for a while. Fortunately it was just a passing phase of my apprenticeship.

As part of my training, I went to introductory and advanced seminars designed to help me learn the requirements of my job. I really did enjoy meeting others like me. I also learned valuable skills that I could apply in many situations.

As time went on, I learned to sink my teeth into my work. It's not enough to just have a good attitude. I also had to learn to be an expert in the tools of my trade.

Of course, one must alert as a receptionist. It just does not do to be "asleep at the switch" in today's fast paced world.

Work is not always easy. People can just get in your way. Sometimes it's a dog eat dog kind of world. Things can get all mixed up. I've learned to be better at balancing these conflicting pressures. And I've learned that nothing beats a hug with a friend to defuse any tension.

Even with the best of friends, there can be competition. But I've learned to balance friendship with competition. Avoiding the worst of the "rat race" is a key part of maintaining balance in life.

You can see my reaction when I was given the opportunity to satisfy some of my friend's requests to let them know what I've been up to recently.

It was a happy day when my picture was taken by a professional photographer. I did not mind sharing the spotlight with the two people who are very important to me.

As you can see, sometimes with people we know a hierarchy can develop as happened with an old friend, Beaux. Unfortunately I don't see much of him these days.

My idea of a perfect vacation is a trip to Lake Tahoe.

Finally, my plea for upgraded health benefits has been heard. Click here to learn more about the construction of my swimming pool.

Recently Dad rendered Mom speechless by giving her a portrait of the two of us painted by a friend of his, Diane Cobb. I think you'll like it as much as they do so I asked Dad to post it here and he did: